An unbalanced book

wrested from a grasp;

fingers never scorched,

it was an icy clasp.

Palm emptied

to hold comfort,

the solace,

the light in the dark.

Before the question,

came the answer,

‘Do you have to ask?’

Love wears

no foolish mask,

truth was told

by a broken heart.

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Tears no longer

relieve sadness,

mist clings together,

and they ask why?

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Blue Leaves

Blue leaves tied to bare trees,

wind blows and the fall stops.

When all the thoughts hold you.

Dwelling in the heart that hides darkness of night from me.

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“What could have traversed the desert, but a caravan.”

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Let It Come

Stir the calm and let it come;

vapours and dreams,

dance on waves,

beat of gilded drums.

Powerful to powerless,

careless of care.

Loyalty to the disloyal,

in need of prayer.

Vultures on carcass,

coat worn threadbare.

Heartless in darkness,

in reach but never there.

Stir the calm and let it come;

vapours and dreams,

dance on waves,

myriad of tongues.

Walk barefooted and there’s the chance of a splinter.

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maybe it’s the fifth.

This time,

I think it was Madrid.

I told you my favourite garden,

you told me of the

Lake Gardens sapling you had planted.

I declined your offer of a mint.

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Silken strokes,

hands settle


shape of waves.

Flushed face,

over-arching silence

between rush

and calm

that comes only

with the gaze

of a twin flame.

Down into the

deep of a blue

another world,

an underworld,

where echoes spin

and light

shines through.

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Sky turning blue to grey,

on the center the gaze.

Arms holding then unfolding,

dream caught before it fell away.

Wise words on a dead page,

leaves the haze of your sweet way.

This too is your day.

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