We live


in our minds;


your words

do not answer

to mine,

and what eyes

have been denied,

we imagine


than they

have seen.

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Sat in standing pool,

unsure of three depths below.

Leaping through waves.

Upward turns gaze,

floor of seven parts above.

Where flying things go.

Stars bright 

strung as garlands

hung low, 

scene on scene

and eyes 

follow closed.

Deep the songs

from our

closest show,

echoes question

a world opposed.

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If all was burnt, there would be no flame. 

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‪Heat of Venus, 

red dust of Mars.‬

Sky full of metal,

I unhook the stars.‬

Breath passes close,

lips kiss the cold. 

Arms fold over heart,

more young than old. 

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One day you were just there. 

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Plastic flower

in a mason jar,

I bake mooncakes

for a church bazaar.

Unroll the blunt

before you wish

on a Blue Star.

Keep forest fires

further than far,

You’ve seen a

firefly light

up a glass jar. 

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