If all was burnt, there would be no flame. 

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‪Heat of Venus, 

red dust of Mars.‬

Sky full of metal,

I unhook the stars.‬

Breath passes close,

lips kiss the cold. 

Arms fold over heart,

more young than old. 

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One day you were just there. 

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Plastic flower

in a mason jar,

I bake mooncakes

for a church bazaar.

Unroll the blunt

before you wish

on a Blue Star.

Keep forest fires

further than far,

You’ve seen a

firefly light

up a glass jar. 

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Wind and dust are my companions,

The end of the earth is my home. 

-The Exile

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Demand back 

your hours,

I’m here 

leaning back

on your sigh.

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Worth is 

light emitted,  

for those watching

morality play.

Less imperfect

more of the flawless,

a vain boast

or mark of Cain.

More colourless

than colour, 

well known 

blood red

they betray. 

Dead weight

on the too dead,

to live in the best way. 

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