Painful watching the dead die a second death.

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Mirrored man

of mind’s eye;

I heard

them sing,

your line

falls short.

Walk tall,

along that

cold blue floor.

On arid land,

from sand,

to shore.

Your hand

in mine,

taking my line

as yours.

Low light, clouds over daylight.

Nights dark, darker than darkness.

Distance keeps it in your region,

not becoming,

I’m unlike your people. 

Events of an insipid life,

now worn as truths you lack.

What earth pulled down,

moon pulling up 

from land takes back.

Rivers wide running high,

washing away what I feel.

Only you’re sure of what you see,

sayin’ what is said to keep it real. 

I’ll take the hand of a thief,

telling I’ve nothing left to steal.

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misplaced joke,

an ungloved hand,

stricken heart

stirring storms

on land.

To the

mourning dove,

heard from

wire perch above,


higher thoughts

than thoughts

of love.

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You were you,


I was

no more.

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The world

takes you


love calls

you back.

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Amber lights falling

on green nights,

thin eyed darkness

five miles high.

My echoing song,

I was beginning to think

you’d never

turn the lights on.

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