Monthly Archives: November 2013


Less flavescent, more incandescent.




Colours dissolve into a dusk, soft dyes infusing so deep. Never to fade from a soul, or darkness to draw them from sleep.


We are all made up of pieces, some more pieces than others. Life is about how well we hold those pieces together.

Live a Little


Dying or living a little, tying knots in string so brittle.

A Time Gone By


A caged bird stands
On a grave of dreams
Casting a shadow
Lighter than the
Darkness within
Her wings are clipped
Her feet are tied
Only thing that is hers
Is a voice deep inside

Wind has not blown
Beneath her wings
Fear has kept the
Voice closed within
Still she does look well
True to her disguise
But she holds no lullabies
When this bird sings
You will only hear her cry.

Photograph taken by J_Parkeri: A Venetian caged bird.


She brought a melody
I penned lyrics to my song
When words ran out
Imaginations played along.

Do No Harm

Here I find peace
For my restless mind
As I have no fear
Of harming

I can do no harm
To a soul that is dead
Or so very close
To dying.