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I do not think I will ever be content, that may trouble others but it does not trouble me, in fact it drives me. It is in the pursuit of contentment that the most amazing experiences in my life have occurred.

I feel blessed that I have the courage to always strive for more, the strength to pick myself up after the falls and wonderful family and friends to cry, laugh and share it all with.

Bring on 2014, let the good and hopefully not too many bad times roll, as I strengthen my faith with whatever befalls.



20131224-030008 pm.jpg
Photograph by @imthejam

I befriended loneliness
Loneliness befriended me
Walking side by side
Alone we will never be.



When waters became tainted with the darkness of life, her eyes went in search of a golden path of light.

Will You?

Will you hold my hand,
As we walk side by side?

Will you sit beside me,
Wiping the tears I have cried?

Will you help me to undress,
And lay me down to rest?

Will you whisper softly,
That you still feel blessed?

Will you stroke my hair,
Until I lose my frown?

Will you still kiss me,
With the tenderness of a down?

Will you still love me,
When there is nothing left?


20131220-043110 pm.jpg

Love is much of a dog from hell, as it is a cat from heaven.


Seldom are liberties forfeited so easily than under the delusion of love.


Senses are mere footmen for our minds, the masters of manipulation.