Monthly Archives: January 2014

How Can I…

How can I say that I have seen the moon stood two hundred and thirty eight thousand, nine hundred miles away.



Whisperers gather
Swaying tips
Begin to touch

Falling into
A darkness
Where words
Can never be
Too much.



Solitude was once sought in azure blue skies and the open seas. Now it rests within the walls it calls home with ease.

Upside Down

20140123-060535 pm.jpg

Do not ask me, how, when or why. I cannot even tell you if these clouds hang upside down or do I.


20140121-080409 pm.jpg

Hold on to me, I won’t let you fall.


Continue to dream
For they are yours to keep
Carrying you over mountains steep
So dream awake or whilst you sleep
But continue to dream
For they are yours to keep.


20140119-114336 am.jpg

As a blackbird flies in a blue bird sky. One can only really live, when one knows he can die.