Monthly Archives: February 2014

Each Man

Walking tall up the stairs of “Each Man’s Wants and Each Man’s Needs”, no desire to look down and see crumbling of the steps beneath.

Knowing You

I knew you
Earthly time
Had begun

Before the
Moon orbited
Earth orbited
The sun

I knew you
I know you
Once again

Knowing you
Will not cease
Earthly time
To an end.


Do not lock your windows and imprison your soul. Words can only teach half of what there is to know.

A Voice

A voice cannot be heard,
yet the silence touches so deep.
Gazing into the deepest of stares,
I hear them softly speak.

The Best

From compassion
Truth, not to be cruel
But as a friend
Pleasure that is
In no haste
To end

That cause no pain
Beauty, not self applied
Till pride has overtaken
The plain
To love and
Be loved the same.

Dressed In Blue

20140220-073303 pm.jpg

The distant call
Brought me close
Arms embraced me
On the open shore

Verses came on a
Breeze that flowed
Never again will I
Have to sit alone.


Let my heart love your heart, the way I love my own.