Monthly Archives: June 2014


For every thought of me, for me there are two thoughts of you.


In Dreams

20140629-025234 pm.jpg

In dreams clouds become feathers and feathers become wings. Wings of angels and butterflies and humming birds that sing. Singing songs that carry melodies without any strings, only lyrics of a wonder, a wonder only love can bring.

Sun Flare

20140625-061145 pm.jpg

Burn brighter than the sun. If in this there is no remedy, I am sure there is none.


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A midst the hours of an eastern dawn and a western dusk, the perfectness of your imperfections I learn.


20140622-034741 pm.jpg

Through minutes
Of the hour
And the hours
Of the day
Let it grow

Let it grow
Bringing colours
We have yet
To know.


20140621-100026 pm.jpg

Here I am, here I will stay. Until the day you say “go away”.


Most days
I do not
Watch it rise
Over mountains
Or over the sea
More often
It is over a
Handful of trees

Blissful mornings
With golden colours
Bring a reminder
Of what is asked
Of me

To shine bright
And give warmth
To all those
That I meet
To give
But not
For the sake
That I will receive

To make the most
Of the day
As tomorrow
Here I may not be
Nor may the things
That I believe
Are mine to keep

The only certainty
Is the accountability
Of my worldly deeds
With that in mind
The day is mine
To do with
As I please.