Dima Isleem
Two years old
Amr Hamouda
Seven years old
Raneen Gahfoor
One year old
Yasmin Al Mutawaq
Three years old
Safa Malaka
Six years old
Sara Al Eid
Four years old
Faras Al Tarbeen
Three months old

A list that goes
On and on and on
Along with the tears
Of Palestinians that run
“Others” they are called
“Others” to the heartless
That may well be
But “No” not for me
These were children
That were murdered
And never again
Will be seen

These were
Children with
Short troubled lives
Surrounded by bars
With roars encaged
Roars of anger
And the brutal
Horridness of war
They may say “others”
But “No” not to me
They were the innocents
Who were never free

Persecuted by those
Once persecuted
Who are now driven by
Insecurities and greed
Showering the Holy land
With the blood of those
They have damned
With their decree

“No”, let’s not
Add them to
List of “others”
They are
Named children
Who never
Lived to
Know peace.


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