Monthly Archives: September 2014

No Worry

No longer
do I have to worry
of waking
to the winter cold,
the frosty windows,
the fall of snow.
No, I have no worry
of the coming
winter cold.


How I Would

If anyone was to ask,
I would want to say.
“I loved you fully,
tenderly and truly,
even through
the jealousy
and the pain.
I loved you silently,
without any hope
with a love
that was never
meant to
sadden you
or that ever
went away.”

What else?

What else
Is to come from
The demeaning collection
Of ego boosts
And chasing fickle desires.

Of comparing oneself
To others
With fanciful
Bank accounts
And immodest attires.


Slide your fingers
Between mine
Curl them
Over webs
And wrap
Them around
Until your palm
Is on mine
And mine
On yours

With the tips
Of your fingers
Draw my skin
Into yours
As yours
Was drawn
Into mine
So long ago.



Dividing worth and worthless is the line of intent. A heart with good intentions, a body striving to do good for oneself and for others, with a soul distinguished by piety will never be or feel worthless. Not now. Not ever.


Stay the way
You are
In the
Way you are

Let no one
Tell you
To change
Let all
That I love



Why thorns, when we can be petals.