Monthly Archives: November 2015

Tomorrow’s not real,

Let’s walk between forest trees

Into depth of night. 


We are, 

As we were, 

We will remain.

Nothing will last, 

All else 

We’ll change. 


Candyman why raise a darker veil from the floor, bringing dead flowers to my door. 

Soft eyes and mystery held within a breath.

Next to nothing;

If you’re there,

I’ll be there

With it.

Given daylight,

You then pull

Night into it. 


Diamonds for joy

Rubies for pain

The Good

The treasure, 

To guard 

Where evil reigns.

Truth held

Far from flesh;

When all is


Thirst remains,

So why 

Floral sleeves

On perishable page.


Moonless light 

Light it was;

Bringing heaven 

To a flower,

With a melody 

And lullaby word.