Monthly Archives: January 2016

Having been around the world, doing what needed to be done. The world was as new, and this heart was still young.

Where places were dark
And those places were narrow,  
We waited outside. 


In the smile 

that is You; 

the golden rays 

of sunrise 

cast over 

mountain summits 

and the wind 

that lifts clouds 

above them. 

The glow 

of distant 

city lights 

at dusk 

and the 

sparks thrown 

by a wood 

burning fire. 

The gusty breeze 

rumbling through 



and the ripples 

stirred as it 

skims the skin 

of lakes. 

The tapping 

of feet, 

the humming 

of melodies 

and in the 

settled silence. 

This I see,

In the smile 

that is You. 

How long


I say? 

“That was 


I loved you



Ordinary was nothing, 

once it had passed 

through his lips. 


I’m that awful tourist, the one who doesn’t want to be a tourist. 

Heart at rest races
Blanket pulled up, closer and
Now it is not mine.