Monthly Archives: August 2016

Sage strapping

holding face;

long hand gathering

minutes for the hour,

as lips blow out

candles till dawn. 


Lips warmer than the gaze, never. 


Wilderness matters, 

so I return to the 

sawgrass Everglades 

with reasons; 

Winter chill softened, 

Summer heat made amiable 

by work of centuries 

not seasons. 


In dreams

a candy cotton sky, 

under pastels sweet 

our two-step dance

a waltz. 

“We’ll not be stagnant,

nor find rest in the shallows”.

Sheet-flow Glade whispered. 


Not the motion, it was ease of the movement that stayed an illusion.

It lingers,

echo of the voice 

with sensual shading. 

The gentle swells,

that lift.