Monthly Archives: September 2016

Passage for two feet,

the ‘you’ moves behind ‘I love’,

still steps stir up dust. 

Your Words

Your words;

my voice they take,

when read in a way 

in which only 

I can read,

written in silence

when not 

written for me. 

I defend nothing; 

open palm

an empty hand. 

Can sadness be forgiving, for the words I say. 


“Not worthless”.


write the firing line.

Dusty notebook, 

charred edges,

perhaps rusty.

Observations the edge.

Price simple pleasures

and believe in 

bucking the tide. 

Breathing in a breath,

of a heavy mist that kept.

Through wetness not of rain,

eyes watched as you slept.

Muted curtains left undrawn,

wax dripping on a ledge. 

On the glow of a ceiling,

no longer shadows stretch.

Lissom hand on shoulder,

legs slender over an edge. 

Sleeping and waking to sleep,

turns to the whispering sedge. 

No need to read your thoughts, I was there as you wrote.

Beautiful is the beauty that is felt.

Rustling of creased sheets,

curves rise from the curves beneath. 

Beat against a beat. 


Not stood in shallows

do I know what 

I wanted to know,

now enough 

I cannot know.

Not by lies I stand,

the conscious choice

when truth 

I understand.