Monthly Archives: October 2016

Trials did not tire, souls I loved best.


Are swords raised for common men or do we only battle for the dream of Kings. 

Earnest eyes I ever did see. 

Ease came with silence,

mind wandered in search of truth.

Wakeful were the hours.

I was just, where my truth was true. 


There is a glade 

in deepest woodland, 

lit by sunlight 

rising on a plain. 

Where hours 

pushed through, 

hours push on 

feet running amain. 

Lingered breaths

of the untold, 

are breaths carried 

without blame. 

For the blindfolded,

hearts open 

without shame. 

Steadfast in faith, 

far trailing 

on a sacred train. 

Night to night again, 

there is a glade

in deepest woodland 

from where 

I watch long rain. 


Candy clouds 

of a sunset sky 

now gathered 

far away. 

Gazing up at a 

full autumn moon,

coming to the

end of thoughts 

is when I asked 

you to stay.