Monthly Archives: December 2016

Hands were not

made to do 

useless things;

nor was tongue,

or lips made 

to kiss 

without love.

The City Sleeps

Whilst the city sleeps, 

ours is the night. 

Before birds wake, 

and dawn breaks the dream.

Talisman in hand;

dust in pockets,

on feet worn out shoes,

I will be back. 

To half conversations,

and befriending butterflies.

Picking torn flowers,

and searching for stars.

Safe behind walls,

were the silence guards.

Snow on shoulders,

with fire for tongue. 

Blazing the glance,

from eyes deep as mine.

Holding old dreams,

making space for new. 

Talisman in hand;

dust in pockets,

on feet worn out shoes

I will be back. 

And I’m back. 

Let the light rain fall,

why turn it into black ice

with breath blowing cold. 

Knowledge acquired;

tightened grasp of true beliefs,

releasing beliefs now false.

I did not grieve

for the fallen leaf,

grief is for the tree

from which

it has fallen.

Last words, 

we were listening 

and never heard. 

Western horizon,

blush on heaven cheeks. 

Eastern darkness,

samurai spirit

in torn up sheets.