Monthly Archives: April 2017

Hand on left 

with hand on right, 

so land ends

with water blue. 


Are we not all men at sea,

hoping to move.

To spread our sails,

on the feel of a breeze.

You had gone and truth I had yet to say. 

Lightning piercing a distant hill,

stormy skies here stir a wonder.

Roaring winds coming to a still,

stood in silence after thunder. 

Seeing deeper 

into a 

mellowing glance.

A hushed, 

tint of slumber 

falls on a path 

crossed by chance. 


Sun sets on a 

promisesless day, 

held in hand

the fulfilled promise 

of a stay.

Reaching for perfection

from the flawed,

the less than perfect

now far from reach.