Monthly Archives: May 2017

Islam is not

the mother that neglects,

nor is it

the malnourished child.

It is not the father 

who strikes to deflect, 

nor is it innocence 

thought wild. 

Islam is not

the murderous brother,

nor the blood tie

for honour killing.

It is not

the voice to smother, 

nor a forced marriage

is it instilling.

Islam is not

one shunning

the other,

nor is it the 

disgrace of divorce.

It is not

the child molester,

nor is it sex

had by force.

Islam is not

the oppressor,

nor is it evil

of no remorse.

Islam is not 

a misused verse,

taken from a 

6236 verse source. 


Love is not real unless we have the ability to not love.

A heart

not given

is mine

to earn. 

A fold upon white fold,

still stars they resemble.

All hearts beat,

let not yours tremble.

Knock and I’m knocking,

hum and I’m humming.

With song in the air,

you sing and I’m singing.

Wet wind blows in silver skies;

I’m not going to lie,

for more than rain or dew I’m asking.

Step by step on stumbling;

earning comfort for the grave,

these feet keep on moving. 


never know

a love,

like the love

I was born

to give

to you.


I’m undecided, 

do I play

queen or king. 

Only thing decided, 


is my thing.