Monthly Archives: January 2018

Less than

half alive,

you’ve more

than half

of the half

I have.


Come and go

as you please,

You’ve no need

for a door.

Where others

merely pass,

Your clement heart

walks through

to the core.

Words set down;

light thud

like chessmen,

whispers exchanged.

Four nights,

a day,

a night,

another day


and so

they go on

until we’re

back to One.

Bearing scars

of battles

lost and won;

circling the sun,

this the time

we’ll not outrun.

Until then,

another day

is done.

I do not want to not love you.

With light

piercing dark,

to an eternity

latch raised.

Window left open,

I woke with

your name.

A Wintery Fall

We all fall;

some as snow,

that melts

and some as rain.