Monthly Archives: March 2018

Amber lights falling

on green nights,

thin eyed darkness

five miles high.

My echoing song,

I was beginning to think

you’d never

turn the lights on.


Further from fading,

when within fifty arms reach.

White handkerchief raised.

Red fills white

through hours blue;

concealing hand fires,

shot to the eye.

Telling what you see,

holding onto fear

of having enough.


Frozen sea,

ice floe,

sets ice show.

I saw flatline,

you said it flows,

looked down

to match up,

and I froze.

Rye talk

under falling

corn snow,

fingers bruising

on to and fro.

Quick to play

an adagio,

human dynamo

writes a woe,

varigo trapping

tap to go,

hemp willow

no smoke,

holy joe.


the place

where truest

measure of time

is space.

One added to two

still too few;

Recounting hours,

counted by you.

Eternity offered

where an hour

would do.

More right than less, worth the wait to watch you thinking.