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Listening to darkness,

I hear morning light.

Light that comes,

without its warmth.


Wind and dust are my companions,

The end of the earth is my home. 

-The Exile

“Des mera rangrez ye baabu

Ghaat ghaat yahan ghatta jaadu” 

Des Mera Rangrez

Indian Ocean

‘The lines that I do not write, numb my soul with abysmal fear.’ 

“L’unico metodo infallibile per conoscere il prossimo è giudicarlo dalle apparenze.”

The only infallible way to know another person is to judge him by his appearance. 

Antonio Amurri 

Ten Appeals To A Friend


This mournfulness, 

this restlessness the inner convulsions,
an endless island,

solitude within, 

body dying —
all this I owe to you. 

And they were vast,

these plans — ships,

great walls of ivory,

fine words,



And it would be December,

a jade horse above the water,

doubly transparent,

a line in mid-air-

all this undone by the trapdoor 

of time

in perfect silence.

Some glass mornings wind,

the hollowed soul, 

a sun I can’t see —

this too I owe to you.

Hilda Hilst

‘For the Neverland is always more or less an island, with astonishing splashes of colour here and there’ 

 J.M. Barrie