Come dressed in all black,

for a mountain adventure.

Feet point to city. 

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When boredom

has grown,

clean soul

not gone astray.

Had I known

to be unkind,

I’d have given

you away.

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Your pain, 

I know it 

as my own. 


not for my loss, 

it’s knowing 

you’ll not know 

the heart 

I mourn.

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Aπό την πόλη έρχομαι, και στην κορφή κανέλα.

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A void holds, 

wrapped in

bone and flesh

where once

the enigma

of wonder.

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Walk of willing feet, caressed by the Ionian Sea. 

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Suns warmth on bones,

limbs stretching to enjoy it.

Trackless now of time. 

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