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I’ve seen a man who has drowned. Found face-down, blotched skin, blue and purple tinge, bruises fading and swollen. Tide had brought him in, water swirling, earth set in its spin. Someone’s everything; feeling nothing for anyone, came to rest as nobody’s anything. 


“Were you lonely?”

Yes, less so when I chose to stand alone. 

Not much is darker 

than a despondent spirit 

and the shadows it casts. 

Discontent worn 

as a cloak of gloom,

sadness raining 

as unwholesome dew. 

Which mercy is to bring 

a morning new. 

Left for dead; 

not that

I was unsung. 



Was the wind

That came

Carrying dreams 

On to my tongue

The dreams 

Of the sleepless

The broken hearted 

The runners

Now breathless 

With emptied lungs
Who had loved 

Until unloved 

And whose passions 

Had gone in vain 

Left standing

In darkness

But now 

Walking their

Way alone 

Sharing loves

Tender pain. 


It is 

Not Death

With whom

We fight

The battle 

Has always


With Life. 

Can there…

Can there ever
Really be nothing here
To live for.