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woollen robes

now coarse. 

Draft Box

Journeys into the quiet, from daybreak till night takes day and beyond. 

You ask 

for my wholeness.

Once again,

I say

‘I am scattered’.


by victory

from battle,


went the defeat

by war. 

Two Things

Two things;

should it begin with

bitter made sweet,

or from when we 

melt then freeze. 

Two things;

present or absent,

dead or alive. 

Living with 

mouthful of truth 

and heart full of lies. 

If not apathy 

your passion causing strife,

soft cuts you make 

with a sharp edged knife.

Blade to the left, 

swept meat to the right. 

Two things; 

bound or free, 

now run or stay to fight,

Fighting in the 

hope of light 

stop and start to speak, 

bold or meek.

Two things;

Should it begin with

bitter made sweet

from when we 

melt then freeze

and what this brings.

Two things.  

Loss; risked only whilst we are breathing.


By giving 

we gained, 

and learned

all there was 

to learn of light. 

From a flake melting 

before it is stained, 

to gathering 

trust of an introvert. 

Rooting the moving 

in search of truth, 

raising light 

from the clutch of dirt. 

Keeping darkness 

from bloom of youth, 

the wounded heart 

away from hurt. 

In giving, 

we gained.