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To smile is charity, to ask others to do good is charity, to prevent evil is charity, to remove obstacles on a path is charity, to pour water for another is charity, to guide the blind is charity, to not retweet oneself is charity. And no act of charity, no matter how small will go unrewarded.


Heart touched by hands it will never know.


If the truth

could be told, 

with the ease 

you remove 

your clothes. 
With nothing 

left shaded, 



or disguised. 

Fear nothing 

from being naked, 

Why hide truth

behind lies. 

Calm you I would.

If it wasn’t anger 

keeping you alive. 

I traced back 

each tear of sorrow, 

so with your sorrow 

You would not

be alone. 

On seeing delicacy, bring out tenderness.


If there is

a pattern, 

as a pattern 

it can be