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You say it was dark,

you fell before you had light.

Talk, I’m listening.


You know by heart what you have yet to touch.

Texture touched smooth,

surface of a puddle rippled.

Change one more step ahead,

lingering finger to finger

moving wall-to-wall.

Skewed hearts, airy muses,

graves prepped for fall.

Baptism by dew say,

bruises call for ‘holy water’.

balanced sat unbalanced,

excess further from extra old.

Stopped for a moment in sleep;

star touches fingers,

mind crosses thoughts deep.

To my

heart’s desire

made my way,

found home was

a house

built of clay.

From her song

I’ll not break away,

until home

is dust

here I’ll stay.

You search

for song

of one bird,


wild birds

there are


Painful watching the dead die a second death.