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Painful watching the dead die a second death.



Mirrored man

of mind’s eye;

I heard

them sing,

your line

falls short.

Walk tall,

along that

cold blue floor.

On arid land,

from sand,

to shore.

Your hand

in mine,

taking my line

as yours.

Red fills white

through hours blue;

concealing hand fires,

shot to the eye.

Telling what you see,

holding onto fear

of having enough.


the place

where truest

measure of time

is space.

Less than

half alive,

you’ve more

than half

of the half

I have.

Come and go

as you please,

You’ve no need

for a door.

Where others

merely pass,

Your clement heart

walks through

to the core.

Words set down;

light thud

like chessmen,

whispers exchanged.