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Waiting on lights

to change

from amber

to green;

hurtling towards

an abyss,


pull me through

the days dream.

Tear away feet, 

ground beneath. 

The emptiness behind, 

sun’s shoulders 

within reach.

Play of four,

or seat three,

minus one.

‘Red book’ rules,

from land of 

rising sun.

Hurl the dice, 

with a chance,

half night’s done.  

Trek the maze,

feel the speak,

small talk sum.

Follow gaze,

not deterred,

Long since won.

Come dressed in all black,

for a mountain adventure.

Feet point to city. 

When boredom

has grown,

clean soul

not gone astray.

Had I known

to be unkind,

I’d have given

you away.

Walk of willing feet, caressed by the Ionian Sea. 

I know one

heart and mind

belonging to no-one 

but me 

for now.