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I’ve seen a man who has drowned. Found face-down, blotched skin, blue and purple tinge, bruises fading and swollen. Tide had brought him in, water swirling, earth set in its spin. Someone’s everything; feeling nothing for anyone, came to rest as nobody’s anything. 


If you lost your mind,

I would hold back dark of night,

till your mind was found. 

Vain the struggle 

with wings 

to a mirror tied. 

Sparkling brightly

at night,

the faint stars

of dawn. 

Why the languid steps,

when arms are lifted like wings

using chains for strings. 

Catch stitch on cross-weave,

stitch thread runs invisible.

Muslin fold to fold. 

Lips dripping honey,

essence sweet as honeycomb.

Brown sugar you’re home.