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There is a glade 

in deepest woodland, 

lit by sunlight 

rising on a plain. 

Where hours 

pushed through, 

hours push on 

feet running amain. 

Lingered breaths

of the untold, 

are breaths carried 

without blame. 

For the blindfolded,

hearts open 

without shame. 

Steadfast in faith, 

far trailing 

on a sacred train. 

Night to night again, 

there is a glade

in deepest woodland 

from where 

I watch long rain. 


Sage strapping

holding face;

long hand gathering

minutes for the hour,

as lips blow out

candles till dawn. 

Metal beats metal,

orange flames cut through ink blue

all in mortal view. 

Stare into darkness,

or look beyond glass to the

light from the soundless. 

Hands bringing 

breath closer, 

than lips

would ever dare.

Head turning away 

into the brooding silence,

a low tune he hummed. 

That Day

That day;

that terribly painful, 

painfully unfair, 

unfairly cruel day 

from where on


was the same. 

That day; 

the all consuming fire, 

still now a cross 

from a pen 

stokes the 

unquenchable flame. 

That day; 

eyes still glaze 

with wistful tears 

as lips linger 

on the syllables 

of an 

unused name. 

That day; 

few and far between, 

let them 

forever remain.