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Twenty-nine steps, you count to three. fifty-two crossed and feet move free. Summer nights we both can foresee. Twenty-one held, don’t you agree.


Words about words,

tapping on a window

like rain.

When I say it is she,

I mean she is you.

Fearlessly scale heights,

know they look at you.

Jump and you shall fly,

of you there are few.

Current Position

Under way from

where I was

to the place

I ought to be,

out in the woods,

postcard stamped,

I’ll throw away

the key.

Telling to told,


under the sun

you’ll find me.

Hand clasping,

stone holding

colour of the

deep blue sea.

You say it was dark,

you fell before you had light.

Talk, I’m listening.

In your own castle

there’s no matter to wonder.

You’re all lips and hands.

You know by heart what you have yet to touch.