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In your own castle

there’s no matter to wonder.

You’re all lips and hands.


You know by heart what you have yet to touch.

Darkened room,

foot next to foot,

arm around waist.

Twenty four frames,

blew lines mid-air

and they flew away.

Hearts led by street-lights;

I change out of grey,

black isn’t the colour

of nightshade.

Silence settles


pulse settling

on new rhythm.

Head not spinning,

I want to wake,

saved from dread,

a heavy fate.

Step towards,

I’m on my way.

Under His heaven;

Is where I wait,

I wait with you.

Silenced voice

listening to my mind,

wordless surrender,

and I exist in you.

No need to keep time,

or note the distance we’ve walked.

We’ll just keep walking.

Stopped for a moment in sleep;

star touches fingers,

mind crosses thoughts deep.

To my

heart’s desire

made my way,

found home was

a house

built of clay.

From her song

I’ll not break away,

until home

is dust

here I’ll stay.