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Sleep child,


I’ll sing you

a lullaby

from the heart.

Make way,

for sails that

flap unfurled.

Make way,

for raising

of bars.

Sleep child,


Slip away,

from this

troublesome world.

Slip away, 

from the moon

and stars.

Sleep child,



Bring ten to eleven; 

black veiling lace,

silver crossed with white.

Sprinkling of diamonds,

to an untouched night.

The City Sleeps

Whilst the city sleeps, 

ours is the night. 

Before birds wake, 

and dawn breaks the dream.

Talisman in hand;

dust in pockets,

on feet worn out shoes,

I will be back. 

To half conversations,

and befriending butterflies.

Picking torn flowers,

and searching for stars.

Safe behind walls,

were the silence guards.

Snow on shoulders,

with fire for tongue. 

Blazing the glance,

from eyes deep as mine.

Holding old dreams,

making space for new. 

Talisman in hand;

dust in pockets,

on feet worn out shoes

I will be back. 

And I’m back. 


A walk in search of light,

in search of light I am walking.

Feathered wings folded, 

bare footed on hardened sand 

left by an ebbing tide.

Tiny steps to solid strides,

no rush to retreat to widened skies. 

From domes melodies arise,

lyrics on a breeze I surmise. 

Where velvet ropes divide,

to stride on can that be wise. 

The iron curtain is falling, 

and I walk on by the sides.

A walk in search of light, 

in search of light I am walking.

When you 

lay awake 

at night,

those were 

the nights 

my longest. 

Long after sunset,

on faint stirring of footsteps, 

weary eyelids rise.

Next to nothing;

If you’re there,

I’ll be there

With it.

Given daylight,

You then pull

Night into it.