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Tear away feet, 

ground beneath. 

The emptiness behind, 

sun’s shoulders 

within reach.

Your pain, 

I know it 

as my own. 


not for my loss, 

it’s knowing 

you’ll not know 

the heart 

I mourn.

Walk of willing feet, caressed by the Ionian Sea. 

Above, storm after storm.
I stroll, mile on mile. 

Under, grey on grey.

Going where earth has gone, 

a river does not lose its way. 


Whilst they grasp at Summer, 

one by one we let the seasons go.

Lightning piercing a distant hill,

stormy skies here stir a wonder.

Roaring winds coming to a still,

stood in silence after thunder. 

Seeing deeper 

into a 

mellowing glance.

A hushed, 

tint of slumber 

falls on a path 

crossed by chance.