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A walk in search of light,

in search of light I am walking.

Feathered wings folded, 

bare footed on hardened sand 

left by an ebbing tide.

Tiny steps to solid strides,

no rush to retreat to widened skies. 

From domes melodies arise,

lyrics on a breeze I surmise. 

Where velvet ropes divide,

to stride on can that be wise. 

The iron curtain is falling, 

and I walk on by the sides.

A walk in search of light, 

in search of light I am walking.


Paper Cranes

Paper cranes hang above,

I listen to the song

of a guide. 

A shepherd, 

a poet who rests between

two linden trees

on a meadow wide.

Hands trailing cyani flowers,

star by stars beside. 

Soon I am 

strolling in the 

morning sun;

tears not having left,

no eyes to be dried. 

“Des mera rangrez ye baabu

Ghaat ghaat yahan ghatta jaadu” 

Des Mera Rangrez

Indian Ocean

Singing to strangers 

a tale of woes,

the words 

touching the arm 

of the hand

holding a

kindred spirit 


Steady Love

Steady love 

You were there; 

When I was 

Watching moonlight 

Sleep on meadow dew,

As dew froze 

Into morning frost, 

And barefoot 

I walked through. 

Steady love 

You were there;

When I was struggling 

To hold onto dreams,

Dreams now

Tightly stitched

So they do not fall 

Apart at the seams. 


Again and again

Magic fingers calling 

Simple air to sing. 





Are lyrics,

The greatest

Of Songs.