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Tear away feet, 

ground beneath. 

The emptiness behind, 

sun’s shoulders 

within reach.



It takes time to learn

of softness; to learn of sweetness

coming from the heart. 

If here at sunrise 

as the things here at the start,

we’ll begin again.


Who brings hate to love

When days grow into night 

And darkest of blues 

Are washed through

With the morning rise. 


Will You

Will you think of me
With the rising of each sun
And remember this.


“What did it feel like to see the sunrise from up here?” she asked.

Like a pin had just pricked an old bruise, that still needed time to fade through. At first when the blood began to seep out, I was taken aback. I thought it would have been coloured blue, but it was not. It was fresh, and it was red and it lined up along the crease of an edge, until no more came through. Then from the same tiny speck the brightest of yellow lights flooded through, and I could do nothing but watch, as the hole before me, grew and grew.