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One added to two

still too few;

Recounting hours,

counted by you.

Eternity offered

where an hour

would do.


Gucci cut out links,

mother of pearl dial 

in rose gold casing.

Timeless classic 

in quartz motion,

pulling away 

on a gentle slope.

Face to face, 

I’m over your shoulder. 

What’s looking back,

is already older.

Ease came with silence,

mind wandered in search of truth.

Wakeful were the hours.

Feverish fingers,    

conversations unhurried 

from reticent lips.

Wasted Hours

Hours wasted;

With You

I know of none. 

Ten Word Story

My favourite person,

Not taking the time

To know it. 


In silence

We watched 

As minute

Followed minute 

And infinity