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If landscape

is poetry,

paint the poem



How long did you

stay alive

without breath?

Now rise up

from depths,

fully dressed alone.

Ghosts you chase

it has been shown, 

breathe deeply

breathe in slowly. 

Slowness on you

I will not force, 

it is known 

hearts in exile

turn to stone. 

Hand on left 

with hand on right, 

so land ends

with water blue. 

When grey clouds leave, tell me these waters turn blue.



to the ocean, 

in murky waters 

of a puddle 

I can belong. 


If snow melts 

down to water, 

does it still 


being snow?
Not only 

does it remember 

being snow, 

it remembers 

being water, 

then ice, 

before it 


the snow. 

The Distance

Me and you 

You and me 

The distance 

Four thousand miles 

Then more
Filled with 

Stormy space

And rolling seas

To and fro 

We go.