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We live


in our minds;


your words

do not answer

to mine,

and what eyes

have been denied,

we imagine


than they

have seen.


Wind and dust are my companions,

The end of the earth is my home. 

-The Exile

I’ve seen a man who has drowned. Found face-down, blotched skin, blue and purple tinge, bruises fading and swollen. Tide had brought him in, water swirling, earth set in its spin. Someone’s everything; feeling nothing for anyone, came to rest as nobody’s anything. 

Come dressed in all black,

for a mountain adventure.

Feet point to city. 

Aπό την πόλη έρχομαι, και στην κορφή κανέλα.

Eyes hold unfilled hours,

heavy dreams without sleep.

A heart unguarded. 

Draft Box

Journeys into the quiet, from daybreak till night takes day and beyond.