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You ask 

for my wholeness.

Once again,

I say

‘I am scattered’.

Gaze on a real world, 

beyond the darkened windows. 

Pieces less a puzzle.

Fever, fever, skin cold.

Blue lips, pulled in breath.

Ears new to own


Having sought shelter, now in need of a shield. 

Two Things

Two things;

should it begin with

bitter made sweet,

or from when we 

melt then freeze. 

Two things;

present or absent,

dead or alive. 

Living with 

mouthful of truth 

and heart full of lies. 

If not apathy 

your passion causing strife,

soft cuts you make 

with a sharp edged knife.

Blade to the left, 

swept meat to the right. 

Two things; 

bound or free, 

now run or stay to fight,

Fighting in the 

hope of light 

stop and start to speak, 

bold or meek.

Two things;

Should it begin with

bitter made sweet

from when we 

melt then freeze

and what this brings.

Two things.  

No easy feat grasping at emptiness. 

Could’ve, should’ve been the firewall.