Little Jasmine

In this silent world of the written word I am known as Jasmine Parkeri. I am not a runner but I run, I am not a teacher but I teach, and I am not a writer but I write. I derive pleasure from all three activities in different ways. Writing slows me down, something truly needed in this hectic life that I lead. Sharing my thoughts has helped me focus on the small subtle pleasures in life and enjoy them with others.

This is my first blog and it was setup with encouragement from family and friends, who thought my words would be appreciated by a wider audience.

My thoughts often race and this can come across in my writing. The themes and style of my writing changes frequently, which I hope has its own appeal. I would like to take full credit for the photographs used on my blog, as they have been taken by me. If you enjoy the photographs but not the words, I have an open instagram account under the username j.parkeri.

Feedback is always appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.


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