Monthly Archives: December 2014



It’s not my feet that lead, I’m led by the one who goes in my heart with me.



“What fear could be here?
There is enough light for the
Darkness in us both”.


Held so gently,
I almost forget
I’m being
held at all.



Petal by petal
Fingers press them into sheets
Yours forever to keep.

Let’s Go

How often we say
“We must begin, we must go”
Let’s begin, let’s go.

“Silken voice let your
Fingers make there way to me
Here I’ll be waiting.”


I watched
As your leaves
Were shed
One by one
Until there
Were none

I watched
As white clouds
Shuffled aside
Making way
For those
That were
A dark shade
Of grey

I watched
As branches bare
Lay in wait
To catch
The falling
Flakes of snow

I watched
And as I watched
I came to know
Your wait was not
For that
Fall of snow.