Monthly Archives: February 2016

There was and always will be suffering, the gift was one of being made to feel safe. 



out a river,

where a drop

of ink



Steady Love

Steady love 

You were there; 

When I was 

Watching moonlight 

Sleep on meadow dew,

As dew froze 

Into morning frost, 

And barefoot 

I walked through. 

Steady love 

You were there;

When I was struggling 

To hold onto dreams,

Dreams now

Tightly stitched

So they do not fall 

Apart at the seams. 

If Earth into a sphere, was bent and stretched then which idea is too far fetched. 

Day now far away,

in the darkness I listen.

The sound is sweeter. 


We are all 

born sellers.


from what

we choose

and how 

we choose 

to sell. 

When sunshine plays, everything sings.