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Growing with faith, there is a world above. Where light is eternal, as is love. 


“Tu scrivi di quanto siano belli i laghi senza avere prima visto i laghi italiani.”Had I not asked, never would He have said.


Tripping from a 

Saturday night 

into a Sunday morning; 

I had fallen,

waking to the voice 

of a salesman 


“I’m here to sell 

windows and doors”. 

Why are you selling to me? 

Can’t you see man

I have no walls, 

here I am sitting 

alone on the floor, 

what would I do 

with your windows

and what am I to do 

with your doors?

“Well, that has never 

stopped me from

selling before.”

I’m here,

all  ears


red eyed. 


Too much?…Never.

Loving, I loved that the most.

Hand reaching for pin,

hair falling loose with its pull.

Gaze, and I stood bare.