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A far off birdsong– it was missed from the air.



Seven, six, five oscillations

hypnotised, no resistance

into an unanswering black.

Nonexistent to coexistence,

Closer than ever intended

still safer at this distance.

Notes from observations,

less self gratification

more self reformations.

Caring not for the beyond,

focused on glass reflections,

fading , not faded I respond.

Return under no obligations,

seven, six, five oscillations. 

Why Me? 

Photograph: Madeira, following the fire Aug 16′

Why have I been given much more than I deserve. 

Can sadness be forgiving, for the words I say. 


“Not worthless”.


write the firing line.

Dusty notebook, 

charred edges,

perhaps rusty.

Observations the edge.

Price simple pleasures

and believe in 

bucking the tide. 

Fall of six on the roll of dice, pause in the Summer drops falling. In the shadow of a melancholic man, bearing a foliate crown and he’s humming. Arms of gardener, hands of a painter now moving. Brush strokes raw and eager to speak; language of tongues, Babel of sound I’m hearing. 

Slight bow of the head,

smile touching corners of lips,

hand touched brim of hat.