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If I let them, I’d let lungs fill with your scent. 💫


Purpose of the pennies, they pay for a room.

Low light, clouds over daylight.

Nights dark, darker than darkness.

Distance keeps it in your region,

not becoming,

I’m unlike your people. 

Events of an insipid life,

now worn as truths you lack.

What earth pulled down,

moon pulling up 

from land takes back.

Rivers wide running high,

washing away what I feel.

Only you’re sure of what you see,

sayin’ what is said to keep it real. 

I’ll take the hand of a thief,

telling I’ve nothing left to steal.

Further from fading,

when within fifty arms reach.

White handkerchief raised.

A far off birdsong– it was missed from the air.


Seven, six, five oscillations

hypnotised, no resistance

into an unanswering black.

Nonexistent to coexistence,

Closer than ever intended

still safer at this distance.

Notes from observations,

less self gratification

more self reformations.

Caring not for the beyond,

focused on glass reflections,

fading , not faded I respond.

Return under no obligations,

seven, six, five oscillations. 

Why Me? 

Photograph: Madeira, following the fire Aug 16′

Why have I been given much more than I deserve.