Monthly Archives: April 2015


Fair is

The rule

Of the man

That is fair. 

I care more

For the good,

Much more

Than I do 

For the 




There is 

A beauty

And grandeur  

To life 

That only 

A trialled soul

Can see. 

Escape Plan

The greatest

Escape plan?

Make it so

You never have

The need

For one. 


My Heart

My heart

Is in the safest 

Of hands.

It is in 

The hands of 

My Lord. 


Not everything 
Has to be said
To be heard
It is heard.

If it is heard 

And nothing 
Is to change
Does it require 
A response 
Or a reply
Or will the
Silence suffice
As in the 
It was heard
And nothing
Is to change.